Thursday, 6 June 2013

To Spain

The train is full of hellos and goodbyes
Snatched moments of could be friends and imagined times and heros
Trading one for another
As the stations come from cover

Some are welcomed with open arms
others are left alone with wish
In other lives we will meet again
Trust to leave to go to find

A moment of time without the baggage of life
Coco Sienna absorbed in technology
Will watch some more trees fly past,
watched towers
in the low mid tones of this golden hour

To reflect upon all that was left so confusing
A wish upon a star of rhythmic knowing
A green to my gray, a yes in my may...
A small fragment of hope growing

But no-one is betting on this
Not even each way,
A Long shot in a dark wide open heaven
A light deep in a sharp furrowed cavern

What's the matter with it
Why won't it take the ride
In this dark cold city
Of rude speculative jibes

It's an offer of a cab at night
When there's no-one around
And your only friend is out of town
A chance, a hope, a light, a spark

Unbelievable, it never happens
To find a sole survivor for each time
To be with it always, and always itself
If only to look with one eye from a shelf

As the horizon grows strawberry tinged
From the suns full gold
The heart sighs again
As another beautiful moment drifts by.

The rhythm it soothes
The cold and the rude
Don't pull it apart
Or the train will break you

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