Thursday, 6 June 2013

Terrifying Human *Free Control

Call in these days
Haul me through the haze
This craze is lazy
How long the days been

I feel it all always
Always have done, I feel for someone
Feel for what I've done

We Fight to be dear
This must be clear
We will sit here
With this mastered plan

Challenged plans, foiled on Landing
A long way there, to give get my hand in
(Back seat sleepers, Famous friend creepers)
Lines round in my head
The inquisitive inflex inbred
in the way
 in the way most things are said.

Human kind
and I will try again
Let this machine begin
Find a deep frequency
that means something to me and them
I could just pretend

But I only said I could drive
and I never Lied
I can drive
I can drive

Its becoming true
I'm becoming you
remained silent for so long
and now I see what happens to you
happens to me
body like statue

and you can feel it
taking over between the veins and skin
an itching an itching from within
anger opens emerging form begins

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