Thursday, 6 June 2013

Parade *Free Control

As soon as the water hit me
I knew, it was probably* a possibility
stubborn ways felt fearlessly along
for so long
for so long*

Hands in shadows down the alley
running from the song
these toes ain’t so strong
I am the problem here
nothing I can do will change the truth from being clear

Its a rave
Its a change

Learn to play on your own
Do it for yourself, do it when nobodies home
Play the twist and turbulence or your own un-practised talent
Till it's strong and their wrong
and you know that it's good
And you live to hear it ringing from the corners that it should

It's a rave
the little looks that link the layers from the players on the stage
It's a change

Parade it around take it out and be proud
you cant sell out till you've made it
Believe it or not
That's it that's your lot
pick up the pieces and brave it
But remember my dear
I am the problem here

*It was probably me – Sting
*Fat Freddys Drop

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