Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stars/Happy New Year England *Free Control

Happy New Year England

Couldn’t complain
Seems the grain is growing fonder
The company understands
That love is found here
Ringing in the new year
Holding friends hands

Love the light of people in lands so dark
They show their bright sparks on the this night

You can see the stars

Had a bruise right here
around my heart
a boxing in my headlights
you ring me from the dark
all through the nooning
we were running with bears and mellowing there

You can see the stars

All around is love *Free Control

Into darkness we will fade
spiders crawling up
legs like razorblades
push back their webs of lace
glide their silk away

the red is warmest
the midtones lost without her
memories to shout out for
shone much brighter

Back to begin, begin again
[and we will win, we''ll win again
and we will sing, and sing and sing]

Makes it ok
All around is love

All decisions have been made
all thats let to do is wait
push back time inhale
for a better say

The red is warmest
never going to fade away
memories to shout out for
shone with laughter

Never looks you in the eye *Free Control Electro

In the hallway
relentless feeling goes unnoticed
no personal progression or achieving
Fake mates
pass each other in the hallway
Rabbits claw and jackdaw whore
never look you in the eye

Never looks you in the eye

Closed circuits
Potential blind spot goes unnoticed
breathing in-dependence
wheres the teachers
he's late
bells are ringing in the hallway
desk school quiet rules teachers who,

Never looks you in the eye

Red Tape *Free Control

I am to you unnoticed things
I run below the street and strings
I am unequaled in my power
I run miles and go hours

I do reject your changes
I do reach out for ages
I do recover from these blows
I do but fr how log I don’t know

Invisible to you
Invisible to you

Red tape runs roses without me
I run rings round you humans
This way or that way not for you
I am above the things you do

I am pure your world runs through me.

Follow me home *Free Control

Night pining always your leaving
I'll look at the ceiling until you finally arrive
I'd love to come with you but here I must guard now
so that you can be calmer
when you drive

Can you feel them
trawling through our freedom
fleece 'em then we'll leave them
down and out.

Sensual beast breaks open
even my darkest mind
we have run through
such trouble together
I owe you in kind

and then
when I wait in line
when it begins to burn
when time is on my mind

Leaves *

In January
when the trees shiver
loss of leaves
Their best friends
they’ll be back again

Feel the feeling feeling thin

Where is the sun hiding
its getting colder
and all that surrounds me are leaves
delicately crafted to fit in

Alll all all this time
I'm waiting for you to stop hiding

Oh where have you been
I miss the colours you bring me
I can't figure out if I feel the way I do
without you

All that you imagined comes too late
All these little things that get delayed
all because the lady loves to be laid
Looks so pretty on the outside
when your not hiding


I met with resistance, but it was for the better in the end
Sounded terrific, I’ll tell you later
Nothing known about me, think their lost without me
Those that like me, fight me fully

Is there time for these expectations of mine
It seems we unite in pictures

Pharmaceutical philosopher on your knees
Pray to me as I prayed to you
Take your legal highs
Don’t come down on me again ever

I am the aftercare
We are the backroads