Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stars/Happy New Year England *Free Control

Happy New Year England

Couldn’t complain
Seems the grain is growing fonder
The company understands
That love is found here
Ringing in the new year
Holding friends hands

Love the light of people in lands so dark
They show their bright sparks on the this night

You can see the stars

Had a bruise right here
around my heart
a boxing in my headlights
you ring me from the dark
all through the nooning
we were running with bears and mellowing there

You can see the stars

All around is love *Free Control

Into darkness we will fade
spiders crawling up
legs like razorblades
push back their webs of lace
glide their silk away

the red is warmest
the midtones lost without her
memories to shout out for
shone much brighter

Back to begin, begin again
[and we will win, we''ll win again
and we will sing, and sing and sing]

Makes it ok
All around is love

All decisions have been made
all thats let to do is wait
push back time inhale
for a better say

The red is warmest
never going to fade away
memories to shout out for
shone with laughter

Never looks you in the eye *Free Control Electro

In the hallway
relentless feeling goes unnoticed
no personal progression or achieving
Fake mates
pass each other in the hallway
Rabbits claw and jackdaw whore
never look you in the eye

Never looks you in the eye

Closed circuits
Potential blind spot goes unnoticed
breathing in-dependence
wheres the teachers
he's late
bells are ringing in the hallway
desk school quiet rules teachers who,

Never looks you in the eye

Red Tape *Free Control

I am to you unnoticed things
I run below the street and strings
I am unequaled in my power
I run miles and go hours

I do reject your changes
I do reach out for ages
I do recover from these blows
I do but fr how log I don’t know

Invisible to you
Invisible to you

Red tape runs roses without me
I run rings round you humans
This way or that way not for you
I am above the things you do

I am pure your world runs through me.

Follow me home *Free Control

Night pining always your leaving
I'll look at the ceiling until you finally arrive
I'd love to come with you but here I must guard now
so that you can be calmer
when you drive

Can you feel them
trawling through our freedom
fleece 'em then we'll leave them
down and out.

Sensual beast breaks open
even my darkest mind
we have run through
such trouble together
I owe you in kind

and then
when I wait in line
when it begins to burn
when time is on my mind

Leaves *

In January
when the trees shiver
loss of leaves
Their best friends
they’ll be back again

Feel the feeling feeling thin

Where is the sun hiding
its getting colder
and all that surrounds me are leaves
delicately crafted to fit in

Alll all all this time
I'm waiting for you to stop hiding

Oh where have you been
I miss the colours you bring me
I can't figure out if I feel the way I do
without you

All that you imagined comes too late
All these little things that get delayed
all because the lady loves to be laid
Looks so pretty on the outside
when your not hiding


I met with resistance, but it was for the better in the end
Sounded terrific, I’ll tell you later
Nothing known about me, think their lost without me
Those that like me, fight me fully

Is there time for these expectations of mine
It seems we unite in pictures

Pharmaceutical philosopher on your knees
Pray to me as I prayed to you
Take your legal highs
Don’t come down on me again ever

I am the aftercare
We are the backroads

Start again *Free Control

How can I live like this now
Knowing you exist
These dangerous maybe's endangering me
I'll just desist, desist

I can't resist you but incidentally
How can I love you now
Now that I'm, trying to push my way out
to the splendor all alone

That's a maybe, start again, with this.

In my minds eye 
I'm just repeating
disastrous conversation
getting nowhere
pull the blocks out
and the pieces
will all fall out.

Free Control - Start Again 

Strawman *Free Control

It is ringing in my hallway
call engaged
transfer connected, burnt
coppers enraged
Tables placed closely to the wall
I cant come closer than this
I am small

Blame Burners for this
all that never changes is change at all
sit for your description
now call
we narrate our way through
give no name to drive this contract through
no memory will shake this experience from you.

I am in prison I am
I am imprisoned in your walls
I am imprisoned
I am - I am tall

I am Paul

The Balloon *Free Control

Dead man's musicals
ward 33
she peed in the shower today
and ate with her mouth full excitedly

She talked about the balloon

You got what you deserved today
five years of payback
written in one word (twat)
one breath
my breath this time

She talked about the balloon

Terribly tasting you after all we've been through
I cant now do it
See strait through this

To Spain

The train is full of hellos and goodbyes
Snatched moments of could be friends and imagined times and heros
Trading one for another
As the stations come from cover

Some are welcomed with open arms
others are left alone with wish
In other lives we will meet again
Trust to leave to go to find

A moment of time without the baggage of life
Coco Sienna absorbed in technology
Will watch some more trees fly past,
watched towers
in the low mid tones of this golden hour

To reflect upon all that was left so confusing
A wish upon a star of rhythmic knowing
A green to my gray, a yes in my may...
A small fragment of hope growing

But no-one is betting on this
Not even each way,
A Long shot in a dark wide open heaven
A light deep in a sharp furrowed cavern

What's the matter with it
Why won't it take the ride
In this dark cold city
Of rude speculative jibes

It's an offer of a cab at night
When there's no-one around
And your only friend is out of town
A chance, a hope, a light, a spark

Unbelievable, it never happens
To find a sole survivor for each time
To be with it always, and always itself
If only to look with one eye from a shelf

As the horizon grows strawberry tinged
From the suns full gold
The heart sighs again
As another beautiful moment drifts by.

The rhythm it soothes
The cold and the rude
Don't pull it apart
Or the train will break you

Can't call it money *Free Control

Treasure hidden and location forgotten
Heart is hard to find
Randomly located
affected by time
Must exist in the world
Have to believe in some mind

Where has it come
Candid in the sum of whats done
This thing with money it comes and goes
go out and earn some more
Make it spend it do it again

He had a 20 year chocolate career before
before he made himself mad
With liquor
20 year chocolate career
Till he drove himself mad
With what he had

*Pink Floyd - Money

Odd Future * Free Control

Is it that we are here
Stretching out to sea
Brave the hurricane looming
Under no inspection but the moons

Interception of storms
Nitrites stop the weather
Set it on fire
See it smile better

What curious kind of fool the world is
No pot of gold
I laze in dust this wonderlust
Upon a time
Upon a time
In Our
Odd future

Deeper than a blind eyed dog
Glistens blue
this souls inclination
No transformation due

All that is not done now
Will haunt us forever
it will tear us apart
Karmic to the letter

Cesar's deep listening

This day was purple after linking with him so far away for so long.
I woke in raging orange
Difficulties with the song

Creates little fractures that heel over
I am hiding now
Blacknails on my hands

I walked the day picked purple as a measure of fun
Light through leaves
Sending something strong

Northern Lights

At special times it shines
For those way north
Presents it's self more
Near shore
As gift in light, a rhapsody
Swirling green, a temperature hued
Bent to blue
A trick of the sky to the eye

As certain as it is present
Sweeps wilds times of year
No where near here
But far into the coldern lands
Cold hands
Cold light stands
And waits
For the sights
Of the northern lights

Terrifying Human *Free Control

Call in these days
Haul me through the haze
This craze is lazy
How long the days been

I feel it all always
Always have done, I feel for someone
Feel for what I've done

We Fight to be dear
This must be clear
We will sit here
With this mastered plan

Challenged plans, foiled on Landing
A long way there, to give get my hand in
(Back seat sleepers, Famous friend creepers)
Lines round in my head
The inquisitive inflex inbred
in the way
 in the way most things are said.

Human kind
and I will try again
Let this machine begin
Find a deep frequency
that means something to me and them
I could just pretend

But I only said I could drive
and I never Lied
I can drive
I can drive

Its becoming true
I'm becoming you
remained silent for so long
and now I see what happens to you
happens to me
body like statue

and you can feel it
taking over between the veins and skin
an itching an itching from within
anger opens emerging form begins

Parade *Free Control

As soon as the water hit me
I knew, it was probably* a possibility
stubborn ways felt fearlessly along
for so long
for so long*

Hands in shadows down the alley
running from the song
these toes ain’t so strong
I am the problem here
nothing I can do will change the truth from being clear

Its a rave
Its a change

Learn to play on your own
Do it for yourself, do it when nobodies home
Play the twist and turbulence or your own un-practised talent
Till it's strong and their wrong
and you know that it's good
And you live to hear it ringing from the corners that it should

It's a rave
the little looks that link the layers from the players on the stage
It's a change

Parade it around take it out and be proud
you cant sell out till you've made it
Believe it or not
That's it that's your lot
pick up the pieces and brave it
But remember my dear
I am the problem here

*It was probably me – Sting
*Fat Freddys Drop

Fairy trees

Do you like the sunshine's rays?
Would you like to come and play
Lying just where land meets sea
Little waves lapping over me

Can you see the islands in my eyes?
Does it come as a surprise to see such beauty, reflected in me?

When my hearts as cold as it can be

Fairy trees that made you smile
God this beauty goes on for miles
Fairy trees that made you smile
God this beauty goes on for miles

Can you be my sunshine?
Will you melt this cold cold time?
Do you want to take it somewhere?

I can see you hiding in your phosphorescent sea
The waves they keep on tripping round and round
Just like you and me

When my hearts as cold as it can be


You make it easy like the song said
Melt away the damage done by strangers
I take it all to heart then dread it in the dark
That's my world without you close by

Ashamed of the promises I've made
You make me feel so young
Been feeling older than my years had done
That's not to say time was wasted
Just some birds fly too free for lions underneath to see.

Ashamed - of the promises - I've made
Said I thought Id stay didn't quite work out that way.

Feel so ashamed
Now you've gone away
I feel like I was to blame
But who else could set you free.

Life's too real when the world wakes up
for a girl like me who's used to tripping up

She might be fickle and afraid but if she's your best friend
She'll see you right in the end
Tell her that you love her if you do
And I hope she doesn't love you

Ashamed of the promises I've made
Said I thought I'd stay - didn't quite work out that way.

Feel so ashamed of the promises I've
Now you've gone away
I feel like I was to blame
But who else could set you free.

She wants to be high

She wants to be high, Fly far and wide
Grow tall and strong, And laugh along

She wants to be wild
She has to be liked
She wants to be high

I tell her she has to believe in her mind
We all walk alone in this world
No room for silly girls

She wants to be wild
She likes - she likes

She like she likes cranes and aeroplanes
Pretty boys, Nice dresses and ghosts

She wears her wisdom wisely and hides it away unlike most

She looks like she's lost the rules when someone news to play
She likes cranes because their so colorful she thinks their here to stay
When the sun glints off their colors
She wises they could roam among us
And lift her up to their sky

Something romantic bout going Atlantic
Waitress service no need to be frantic
Something amazing in the sky she's blazing
She wants to watch them go by
She wants to be high

She wants to be wild
She has to be liked
She wants to be high

Swing love

True love sees, all that is fair and wild
Real love sees a parent in a child

Little girls, little boys

We seem to need to run to what we love
Shine on now while you still can love

Before you're trying to get someone
Before your trying to take them home
Trying to get hem to stay
Just for one more coffee anyway

You want what he's got
Don't stand for what your not
They're bitching and their crying
Perfecting who their not

Before you're trying to get someone
Before your trying to take them home
Trying to get hem to stay
Just for one more coffee anyway.

True love sees, all that is fair and wild
Real love sees a parent in a child
We seem to need to run to what we love
Shine on now while you still can love

So Wisdom

You were so wise
You are despising
Everything I turned out to be
You're still the one
Who told me
How it all should be

Maybe not so good for me
but I thank you for your honesty
How alike we seemed to be
But you showed me rich beauty

Glorified by sun
He leaves the people golden
your lyrics like they're stolen
Beautiful people playing out your song

Gotta do gotta gotta do it

Testimony comes from those that lie
Between the heavens and the sky
Itís not for them that this sunshine shines
But for the beauty

My heart will break
For the beauty

Cos ive got to
Gotta do gotta gotta do it

Hold on to it darling
Don't be doing harm dear.

No harm.

You were so wise you are despising everything I turned out to be
You're still the one who told me how it all should be

Talk to me

Bet you're proud of yourself now
Now you've got me wondering how
You're going to keep me with you
When you see what you do

You think I put up with you
Don't you see you give it back too?
Ill do that for you
Just don't loose your cool
Shut up you fool I'm thinking
Wanting family failing miserably
Choosing my expression carefully

To not offend or apprehend the ring of men around me
Do you feel the music locked inside of your programme
The potions you have taken
Surging up inside of you like light

Talk to me
Tell me where you are
Changing everyday I feel but not with me so far

Keep it tight now don't let then tell you how
or bring you down don't fall too far



Would it mean much to you if I asked for some help through?
This life - this year - this day
Unable to move my feelings are ice cubes floating alone with no glass
And no class
In a tube without you.

I'm singing hey, you
Stranger looks nice
Would you care to join me?
Over here on ice.

Need to travel I think
Alone on a beach with a pretty drink

Beach towel and sunshine
Alone on a beach with a glass on wine
Saying hey hey you ill be fine

Would it mean much to you if I asked for some help through?
This life - this year - this day
Get far away
Come to conclusions and rules of play
Hope you don't mind

When I'm offside.


My god they're everywhere, they turn their heads and stare
I'm convincing, but still they need to stare

Fragile.. I'm fragile.

Are the lonely alone when their scared of themselves nobody home
Are the cynical sad - when you offer them help - and tell them their not mad - mad

A little lost in lullabies
Seeking truth in fairies eyes
Defective of the normal state
Normality scares me of late

Fragile..just a little I'm fragile. Fragile. Fragile I'm fragile

Trying to fill in the gaps of my naivety
Walking hand in hand but still feeling free
Shy arrogant ill be but still me
And still me
Still me
Don't break me


Just as you said I made it mine never yours till you see it through your eyes
Just as you said you knew I'd run, think it' all I could do given what I'd done.